Clumsy Dumpty was an interactive installation created for the National Museum of Singapore for their children’s season “Masak-Masak” in 2016. Inspired by the familiar shape sorter toy, we sought to reimagine a classic children’s game by enhancing tactile interactions with Arduino. 

Interactive Exhibit

with Grace Gandi Goesantoso & Sharon Lam

Play Concept

Clumsy Dumpty started off as a simple idea of a cheeky shape-sorter that pushes out the shapes to prevent players from solving the puzzle. From there, we explored different game mechanics and narratives to create a compelling play experience.

User Testing

We made our first prototype out of cardboard to quickly test the feasibility of our play concept. User testing was carried out with children aged 4-8 to observe their interaction with the exhibit and each other. Based on our findings, we developed and refined our prototype to finally test out a life-sized model. To encourage collaborative play, the size of the exhibit is optimised such that more than one person is required to complete the puzzle in time. 

Play Concept


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